Tuesday, September 15, 2015

When Marriage Equality Became Law

What an incredible weekend! In the words of President Obama, "…and then there are days like this, when that slow, steady effort is rewarded with justice that arrives like a thunderbolt." We are still absorbing the thunderbolt! 

It is in community that we are most hopeful, smarter, stronger, braver and more able to see the full justice vision. From the cradles of our newest members to the last farewells to those who are now behind the sun – from beginning to end – in community we are our best selves.

As we are grateful to so many for this victory and we remember all who led us, helped us, sustained us on the journey. We remember.

• We remember and are grateful for the tremendous bravery of hundreds of early trailblazers who dared to live their lives openly and to love bravely. 
• We remember Stonewall and Trans community friends who stood and fought... and launched a movement. 
• We remember the dark days of the Defense of Marriage Act. 
• We remember the hope born first in Massachusetts and then with the California Supreme Court. 
• We remember the bravery of those who fought the Prop 8 ballot initiative... and the pain and devastation when it passed. 
• We remember the lifting of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. 
• We remember the defeat of DOMA and the reversal of Prop 8.

We remember the hundreds of thousands of people, allied and LGBT, who have given their time, energy, creativity and dollars, and had all of the hard conversations that have fueled and sustained this movement. 

And we remember that there are many vital battles ahead. History and all other justice movements teach us that victories like this are the starting points of the long walk toward justice, not the end. We cannot and will not leave any of our community members behind.

From trans and non-binary gender rights and acceptance, ending new HIV cases, youth protections and school safety & inclusion, Federal Civil Rights protections for LGB and absolutely T, to comprehensive immigration reform and racial justice…  #JusticeistheDream.

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  1. I am a man adopted by two gay women. I am so thankful for you and those that fought for equality during stonewall, and thankful for those (like my two mom's) who fought to make marriage equality a reality today. There is still a long way to go towards creating lanes of acceptance, but this is a wonderful victory that validates families like mine. I am trying to do my part by getting involved in local politics here in my city. I have also written a book, entitled, "The Son With Two Moms" that chronicles my journey as a child raised by two women a different race from his own. Hopefully my stories, and testimonials like it, will help people understand that my family was denied rights before marriage equality was passed, and is still discriminated against today. Hopefully it will help them understand that we are different than their families, but that we are a stronger and better family for it.

    If you would like a link to the book just let me know :) would be happy to send.